Consider This: Media Violence

Gun violence will be a major focus in 2013. The debate will include bans on assault weapons, more police officers in schools, background checks when buying a gun and more help for the mentally unstable. It should also include a discussion on violence in the media.

Consider This: I find it interesting that many celebrities expressed their concern with gun violence after the Newtown tragedy while at the same time Hollywood was releasing several movies that glamorize violence.

Our country has been focused on limiting sexual content and foul language in the media. Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction and Bono's slip of the f-bomb caused huge controversy. And NBC shows like the Playboy Club and New Normal were targeted by groups opposed to the message the programs were sending. But violent programs, especially graphic on cable TV, get little blowback from concerned viewers. And top selling video games like Call of Duty set sales records when new versions are released.

We need to address gun violence across the country, but that conversation has to include more than guns, it should also include the images that are bombarding our kids in television shows, movies and video games.