Deputies: Son sets mom on fire, gets shot by family member

ANDERSON, SC - An Upstate man is accused of dousing his mother in a flammable liquid and setting her on fire.

Anderson County deputies said Shawn Davis lit his mother on fire at her home on River Road in Piedmont on Tuesday morning.

Debra Davis, 61, was able to get to a neighbor's home on Crawford Road for help.

Davis has second-and third-degree burns over 30-40 percent of her body, according to investigators.

Deputies said Davis is now at the Augusta Burn Unit, and said she has a 50-50 chance of surviving. Officials there said she was in critical condition.

Shawn Davis talked to his wife, Ann Davis, after the fire. She said her husband was upset with his mother for taking his brother, Anthony's, side in a fight.

"I didn't believe he was really going to do it, but he come down there smelling like gas, and told me, he said, 'I just set her on fire,'" said Davis. "He came in, and hugged me, and kissed me, and said, 'I love you,' and he reeked of gasoline and he said, 'I burned her.' Then, he told me, 'I'm going to get the Impala, (his mother's car), and I'm going to run it in my brother's trailer.'"

Deputies said Shawn Davis was shot by his brother, Anthony, at a home in Greenville County later Tuesday morning after the fire. According to Greenville County deputies, the shooting happened at 11 Langston St., Piedmont. Investigators said Shawn Davis's injury was non-fatal, and no charges will be filed in that case.

Debra Davis went to Randy Clark's house for help. Clark said he almost didn't recognize his neighbor.

"(Debra) was just -- she was burned bad, and I didn't know who it was when she first came out, and she asked me if I could call her some help," said Clark. "(911 dispatchers) told me to get a wet washcloth, and let her just touch her eyes to just get it out of her eyes. The fumes were terrible, too, the gas fumes or whatever. It was pretty strong, so I imagine it was burning her eyes pretty bad."

Clark's stepsister, Denise Fortune, also lives next to Debra Davis, and said she could hear her neighbor screaming.

"I was in the bed, and heard somebody screaming, and I looked out the living room window, and seen a lady coming out of the woods with her hand wrapped around her, screaming for help," said Fortune. "I went (over to Clark's house) and (Debra) was like, 'Oh, God, help me Jesus, Lord help me Jesus,' and her skin was all rolled down. Her shirt was melted onto her from her back, and her straps were hanging down, and her hair was all singed off her head. It was just -- you could see her scalp real bad."

Anderson County deputies said they were still in the process of getting warrants for Shawn Davis.

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