SC lucky with gas prices in 2012, comparatively

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - 2012 wasn't a great year for drivers when it came to paying at the pump, but there was relief towards the end of the year.

AAA, reports the reasons for the falling gas prices from October to December of 2012 was due to the winter blend of gasoline, cheaper crude oil available, and increasing gas inventories.

Come Jan. 1, 2013 gas prices in the Grand Strand started to inch higher than the normal average of under $3.

Gas prices in the Myrtle Beach area as of Tuesday could be seen at local gas stations as $2.99 and upwards of $3.09.

Edwin Perez, a visitor to Myrtle Beach, was in the area with his family for the holidays. He was paying just $100 to fill up his RV along with rental car to get back home to Allentown Pennsylvania.

He said he travels around to check for the lowest gasoline he can get when he is staying down in South Carolina. Gas prices in Pennsylvania, according to Perez, is $3.20 for regular unleaded.

AAA estimates South Carolina's average price of gasoline to be $3.14, that's 20 cent less than those filling up in North Carolina, like Darrel Hoots from Midway.

Hoots along with his wife are also visiting Myrtle Beach for the holidays. He said he is always checking prices as he drives through the neighboring states.

Hoots said with the New Year he is hoping gas won't start a continues climb above four dollars, "it doesn't seem like the economy is going to get any better so that would help if gas prices would come down, and not go up."

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