SCHP to have big presence in Horry County on NYE

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) The South Carolina Highway Patrol is gearing up for one of the biggest nights of its "Sober or Slammer" campaign. Troopers have beefed up enforcement on highways during the holidays for good reason. From the latest reports, there have been 17 DUI related arrests over the past week in Myrtle Beach alone.

Lance Corporal Sonny Collins with the State Highway Patrol says Horry County is always a big focus on big nights like New Year's Eve.

"When it comes to Horry County specifically, this is the beach," said Collins. "A tourist area, a festive atmosphere, so we know the likelihood of an impaired driver may be higher here than in other parts of the state."

The chances may be higher in Horry County, but the Highway Patrol has dealt with plenty all over the state during the holiday "Sober or Slammer" campaign.

More than 500 arrests and more than 11 hundred DUIs so far this year, and Monday night is unfortunately expected to be a night for more.

Local drivers say it's not only about those who choose to drink and drive, but it's also a huge safety concern for everyone on the roads.

"It makes a lot of bad memories for people," said Debra Templin, who drives in the Myrtle Beach area. "When they create problems for others, and take their rights away as citizens, and when they take it upon themselves to get in the road and not drink responsibly."

As far as DUI related deaths, this year's number during the holidays has already exceeded last year's. Troopers want to make sure everyone has a safe holiday, and is actually able to make it through to the new year.

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