Before funeral, family & friends remember Aynor teen

Triston Loomis
Triston Loomis

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - There are still unopened Christmas presents in his room, and the presence of Triston Loomis can still be felt there, as well.

The night after Christmas, the 15 year old was hit by a vehicle while walking to his grandparent's house in Dillon. He died on the scene.

Today, his family held his funeral service, remembering his bright and goofy personality.

"I kissed him and said ' I love you.' And he said ' I love you, too, Mimi.' And those were the last words we said to each other....but at least I was able to tell him I loved him," recalls Lucille Loomis, Triston's grandmother.

Emotions were running high in the house leading up to the funeral. But through their tears, family and friends would smile while remembering Triston.

"We went into Wal-mart with my mama, found these canes and messed with people acting like we were old. Walking all hunch back, tripping each other," laughs one of his friends.

Young, wild, and free is how they described Triston.

"He'd be there for you if you wanted him to. He was strong. He'd beat me up sometimes…well, pretty much all the time," teases his brother Wendell Loomis.

The teen acted tough, but the people who knew him best say he is a tenderhearted teenager.

"He cared about people more than he cared about himself. He was always happy and smiling," remembers Faith Noel, another friend of Triston.

He was outgoing with many hobbies, from football to fishing.

"He always had a way to cheer up everyone on the team. He was a star, always running back," says one of his friends.

Triston loved to skateboard.

"The first time I went down it, I couldn't flip. He made me keep doing it until I got it," explains another friend of Triston.

His parents were always amazed by how many people the teen knew.

"He was known by a lot of people and all of us are going to miss him," a friend expresses.

He was the life of the party, making every room feel more alive.

"...and won't be like that. It'll be a little quieter," says Lucille Loomis.

During today's funeral, friends and family wore purple polos and snapback hats honoring the teens signature style.

The investigation into the crash that killed Triston Loomis is still ongoing.

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