Preventing fatal accidents before 2013

Source: WMBF News Reporter Lauren Weppler
Source: WMBF News Reporter Lauren Weppler

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Heading home for the holidays has tons of people making the trek through the palmetto state in the next few days. From Thanksgiving to the New Year more fatal accidents occur according to those at the South Carolina Highway Patrol because more people are historically on the roads.

Elizabeth Rogers and her husband had about a 12-hour-drive from Buffalo, New York back down to Myrtle Beach. She said driving here is different than in other states,"I think people that don't know the area drive here have a tendency to look at all the attractions and not pay attention to where they are going. So that's the fear I have we have to watch out for them too."

Rogers isn't the only commuter in the state keeping a watchful eye out for others so is Lenny Mishik, from Pennsylvania, "You have to drive defensively because there are so many people here from all over like me. Just be cautious that's the biggest thing."

In less than two weeks, SCHP has been called out to respond to five fatal accidents in our region, with one on Christmas Eve in Berkeley County.

Currently there are six fewer fatal accidents so far in Horry County than the 52 reported last year. Officers want to remind drivers to not get behind the wheel intoxicated and to wear that seatbelt something drivers say is a must.

"There is a sign that says 'Wear you're seatbelt for the next million miles,' and that's what we plan to do," said Rogers.

A representative with the SCHP said they do not know if the number of fatalities will exceed the numbers from last year's fatal crash, but they certainly hope not.

The number of fatalities in South Carolina is currently at 819 fatalities, that is the same number of deadly car accidents from 2011.

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