Consider This: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! If you're starting a New Year's resolution, I hope you are successful in achieving your goals during 2013. And I hope our politicians are successful in achieving some of their important goals as well.

Consider This: Here are a few items on my wish list for 2013:

• A bipartisan solution to resolve our debt crisis

• New gun ownership policies

• Construction permits issued for I-73

• More air service in and out of Myrtle Beach International

• A record breaking year for tourism

• Multiple job announcements, including a new industry for the ITAP

• No hurricanes in South Carolina

• Coastal Carolina's football team going back –and getting further – in the playoffs

I could share more wishes for 2013, but accomplishing a few of these will make for a better year. Share your wish list in the Consider This section at

May 2013 be a fantastic year for you and your family.