Consider This: It Makes No Sense

We are all still struggling to understand why someone killed 20 children and six adults inside a school in Connecticut. As the victims are laid to rest we realize, you can't make sense of the senseless. What we can do, is try to prevent it from happening again.

Consider This: I grew up around guns. I own guns. I believe in the Second Amendment. But I also believe something has to change.

Yes, I know. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Yes, I know. The guns were legally obtained by Adam Lanza's mother.

Yes, I know. The school was locked and he shot his way into the building.

I know all of that, but something has to change

Should we ban assault weapons? Should we require background checks for everyone purchasing a gun? Should we require that someone wait a few days before receiving that weapon? How can we ensure that mentally ill people are getting help? And what can we do to improve security at our schools?

The problem is complex and it will take time and compromise to come up with a solution. However, this time the NRA needs to help lead the discussion, not shut it down as it has in the past.

There has to be a balance between protecting our right to bear arms and common sense legislation to address this problem. Something has to change.