County Council to vote on proposed mining operation

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A new permit for a mine in Carolina Forest will go before Horry County Council.

During Tuesday night's meeting, county council can give the proposed project the green light, or vote against it.

Horry County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says RCPS, the mining company filing for a mining operation permit with the county, has gone over and beyond to get council to vote yes by exceeding their minimum requirements.

"They have actually met the minimum requirements we have here for the county, and actually exceeded some of those minimum requirements. So council will have that opportunity to go through those permits and those concessions that they made and hear from the public before they make a final decision," explained Bourcier.

Some of those concessions include the hours of operation. RCPS has agreed to push back the time they will start to mine by three hours. RCPS has also agreed to double the size of the berm and buffer that will be constructed along the property line that's adjacent to homes. DHEC has already approved a permit for the mine.

The infrastructure and Regulation Committee of Horry County has reviewed the proposed plan, approved it and has recommended it to council for a vote.

Some members of the community are concerned about the impacts the potential mining operation will have to local traffic. RCPS has agreed to have all trucks use West Perry Rd road and they will widen and resurface it.

Also, the trucks will use Hwy 501 and Hwy 31 for transport. They have specifically agreed to not use Carolina Forest Blvd unless they have business in the area.

Even though this keeps the trucks off of the smaller popular road, it still concerns people because Highway 501 can get so crowded. According to RCPS, the mining site averages about seven trucks coming in and out every single hour. Some people don't like the idea of those trucks sharing the road.

"I'm afraid I feel that that's really dangerous. It'd be nice if everybody was careful but that doesn't always happen. But 60 trucks a day on there, that really disturbs me, "said Ellie Albright, a concerned Horry County resident.

The proposed site would be located near the Dunkin Doughnuts off of Hwy 501.

"They already have DHEC permits and so they are waiting for our permit in order to continue the operation for the mine again they have been mining for years in the past and this is just to extend their mining operations," explained Bourcier.

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