Strange twist in Myrtle Beach murder case

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A 30-year-old father was gunned down in a Myrtle Beach motel room, and now the investigation has taken a deadly turn as another murder may be connected to this case.

Myrtle Beach Police and the victim's family need your help in their search for the gunman that killed Marcus Nelson.

"I think when he was in the studio, that was his time to share his moments," recalls Mellinda Bailey, Marcus's sister.

Marcus Nelson was an aspiring rapper and fine father.

"Was he good? Yes. Be honest, yes," laughs Mellinda, adding that," He always took kids on outings."

Marcus was also a loving sibling and son, so you can imagine the sense of shock and loss when Myrtle Beach Police called his family on the night of August 28.

"Officers arrived to find the victim suffered from gunshot wounds and was determined to be deceased on the scene," explains Myrtle Beach Police Detective Wil Kitelinger.

In an interview with Marcus's sister, WMBF News Anchor Michael Maely asked how you react, what goes through your mind when you receive that kind of life-changing news.

"I couldn't believe it because I didn't know that somebody would actually take his life. How could somebody just pull out a gun and just start shooting," Mellinda cries.

Mellinda says the loss of her brother turned her life, and the life of her family, upside down.

"Now that he's gone, I don't see my momma being the same person that she is. She doesn't laugh like she used to laugh, she stays to herself all the time now," Mellinda regrets.

Homicide detective Wil Kitelinger says someone shot Marcus while inside his Cam Motel room on South Ocean Boulevard just after 10 p.m. that night. The crime scene photos show shattered glass from the motel window,likely the path of bullets.

"The person that did the shooting was inside the room, shooting towards the door of the room," the detective explains.

Investigators say Marcus grew up in Boston but had been back in the area several years and had been living in the motel for several months, recently with a roommate. But there were no reports of any issues.

Detective Kitelinger recalls, "The people at the motel actually commented that the people inside that room where very quiet, there were never any problems, they were good tenants, and the hotel itself is not known for any kind of trouble or any issues in the past.

So what went wrong that evening in August? It's a question Marcus' 16-year-old sister cannot stop asking.

Mellinda says, "I don't know if it could have been over drugs or money or jealousy, I don't know what it could have been over. But I'm pretty sure whatever it was over was petty, it didn't need to lead to this."

Michael Maely: If you could talk to the person who pulled the trigger what would you say to them?

Mellinda Bailey: Why did they do it and what made them do it? I'm angry and I'm sad because I don't think that he deserved for his life to be taken the way it was, and I'm sad because he's not here.

Detective Kitelinger says there were witnesses to the crime. "From a witness the people were described as two black males wearing a white t-shirt, one seemed to be wearing a red back pack, the other a white glove. Theywere seen running from the room."

Those witnesses say the man they saw left the scene in a white, four door vehicle.

Police say the backpack could have also been a purse, carried by a woman, hoping to keep their search broad.

Perhaps the best witnesses actually came to police the day after the shooting. It was Marcus' roommate Jonathan Lorquet who had grown up with him in Boston.

"He voluntarily came to the PD, gave several statements, they were followed up on, and even though based on the info he gave at the time, although he remained a person of interest, but our information led us in different directions," Detective Kitelinger says.

If Lorquet is responsible for Marcus' death, police will likely never know. Roughly a month ago there was an unexpected twist in the case as the prime person of interest turned up dead, shot to death in Boston.

This series of events is a first for Detective Kitelinger who says, "In my career as a detective I have never had people that I was investigating, killed during the investigation."

The detective has been working with Boston Police to search for any possible links, but hopes this latest murder could open doors here in Myrtle Beach.

"The roomie being killed in Boston, those things may bring back memories, perhaps they were afraid to talk to police at the time. Perhaps now they may feel more comfortable," the detective hopes.

Marcus' sister Mellinda says she will never forget her brother's glowing smile. She just hopes witnesses can help police find the shooter who took it all away.

"I don't think that he needs to be still running around, living his life, if my brother can't life his life," Mellinda sighs.

Myrtle Beach Police are still getting tips on this case and are waiting for forensic evidence from SLED. Meanwhile we're talking to Boston Police in search of more details on the murder of Marcus' roommate, which couldlink these two killings.

If you have any details about the Marcus Nelson murder, call Myrtle Beach Police.

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