Indulge your creative side with alternative Christmas trees

(RNN) - Christmas is right around corner, you aren't done shopping and you haven't had time to put up a Christmas tree, sounds familiar?

Good news!

Many families are in this predicament. There's still time to finish that last minute shopping, and choosing an alternative instead of a traditional Christmas tree can help dodge stress and save time.

No one wants to climb into the creepy attic and decorate the Christmas tree from last year. Nor do they want to venture out into the woods and chop down a tree.

Creating an alternative Christmas tree is a way to get your family's holiday-creative juices flowing, but may require some thinking out of the box.

Most of the items can be made out of things around the house. Here are a few suggestions.

The book Christmas tree

One of the most popular alternatives Christmas tree made up of stacks of books shape like a Christmas tree and decorated with holiday lights. This particular alternative Christmas tree is especially popular with libraries.

The post-its Christmas tree

Another simple alternative Christmas tree idea is the post-it notes Christmas tree. It's made of Post-it notes shaped like a Christmas tree and posted on a wall. It can be decorated with a different color of posts it.

The branch Christmas tree

An easy idea that some families may appreciate is the branch Alternative Christmas tree. Take a small branch from a tree, spray paint it white and decorate with ornaments. When you're done it may remind you of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

The holiday light Christmas tree

Arrange Christmas lights in the shape of a Christmas tree on the family room wall. All that is needed is Christmas lights and a few thumbtacks to pin the lights to the wall. Hanging small ornaments could make it more fun.

The ornament Christmas tree

Arrange your favorite ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree on a wall. Thumbtacks and ornaments is all you'll need.

The pine cone Christmas tree

Get a poster board and gather pine cones to create a pine cone Christmas tree. Glue the poster board into a cone shape. Then glue the pine cones on to the poster board, and the Christmas tree effect will take place. Spray paint with glitter or white paint for decoration.

The log Christmas tree

With the winter weather present, if you have firewood handy the fire log Christmas tree would be an excellent idea. Arrange about 8 fire logs against a wall. Let the base of the tree have the longest log and let the logs gradually get shorter and shorter, forming the shape of a Christmas tree. Place a star or a bow on top for decoration.

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