Grand Strand mourns for Connecticut victims and families

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As the nation continues to mourn the death of the 26 people who died Friday as a result of a mass murder, local residents said they are feeling the impact too.

"You just wanna hug your babies, you know.. It's horrible," Jennifer Tuten said.

Tuten is a Kindergarten teacher, and also a mother to a 4-year-old girl. Tuten said up until yesterday's tragedy, she always felt as if her classroom was a safe place.

"I've always felt safe in my school because you think of high schools, colleges- you know, you worry about that. But you don't worry about Kindergarten. You just don't even , I mean I just broke down in tears. It was horrible," Tuten said.

Tuten said her school has already called a meeting to discuss what it can do to further ensure the safety of everyone at the school. But some people said it's not the safety in schools the country should focus on, but the issue of gun control. Myrtle Beach Resident Donavin Osler said it's not the guns that are the problem.

"I think it's the person behind the trigger, not the gun. The gun does not have a mind of its own. The person behind the trigger is the reason for what's happening," Osler said.

Tuten said her school already has a lock down policy. If a suspicious person comes into the school, a secret code is spoken over the intercom alerting teachers to take appropriate action and put the kids in a safe place. Tuten said right now is a time to remember those kids and their teachers who weren't able to make it to a safe place in time.

"I think the whole nation is just praying for these families. I mean I just as a parent and a teacher you can't even you just there's really no words. There's nothing you can say except we're just praying for them," Tuten said.

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