County officials plan temporary fix for International Drive

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) People living in Carolina Forest have been waiting for International Drive to be fully paved into a two lane roadway for years, yet it stops short and turns into gravel and dirt. But county officials say they've found a way to move the road up the list--by keeping the dirt.

The roadway has been set to wait in line for a long list of Penny Sales Tax projects before it can be done. So to speed up the process, the county's plan is to make International Drive what's called an "official dirt road" so you can drive through.

This would make the roadway a temporary fix until the county is able to do all the paving work that needs to be done. Drivers say since so many people want International Drive to be open, they think this temporary solution is better than nothing.

"It's kinda fun to sit there on the weekends and watch their GPS take them right through International Drive," said Bob Britton, who lives in Carolina Forest. "And then the brake lights come on and they stop, turn around and go back because it's not a continued road. But a lot of people believe it is."

Since officials know how important this road is to people in this area, their goal is to just get it all the way open.

But even though there's dirt here now, a so called "official dirt road" still requires construction work. County officials need to have permission from the Department of Natural Resources as well as the Army Corps of Engineers before they can level the ground and lay down the gravel so you can pass through.

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