Aynor Police Department welcomes first K9 Unit in years

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) The Aynor Police Department is only weeks away from gaining a new addition to the force. Daisy, a Belgium Malanois K9 will join the police department. It's the first K9 working in Aynor in more than a decade.

The Firehouse Subs Corporation provided a grant in the amount of $26,450 to the town of Aynor for the K9 unit and a 2012 Dodge Charger.

Aynor Chief of Police David "Bubba" Thompson said Daisy will be used for drug interdiction in the town and for people traveling through using Highway 501.

"We see a dual purpose in this. Number one is for community education, to be used in the school system in Aynor as a community service and number two as an asset to law enforcement officers in drug interdiction," Thompson said.

Aynor's Project Direct Tony Godsey said once the funding from the grant runs out, fees for Daisy's vet bills, food and any additional costs will come out of the general budget, but Godsey said the costs will be minimal.

As for Daisy, she will be treated just the same as any other officer.

"She will actually be sworn in as an officer. You know, so whatever happens to her you know through the course of her job whether somebody harms her or she gets harmed. I mean it would carry a lot of the same weight as it would be if it were a regular officer," Godsey said.

The officer who will take care of Daisy is finishing up a three week K9 training course. Daisy is expected to get sworn in, in January.

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