Consider This: Building I-73

If you've traveled Highway 501 during the summer you know the best plan it to try to avoid it. It can't handle the current traffic and widening the road to six lanes is not the solution.

Consider This: The solution is building I-73. A recent study reviewed the plans for 501 and I-73 and confirms that I-73 is the better option. The Coastal Conservation League says the 501 plan is better.

However, experts say the 501 plan is not realistic because of underestimated construction costs. Here's what Nancy Cave said about that minor issue, "Nobody knows exactly what the road is going to cost…"

Say what? Isn't that the purpose of a financial analysis? Sure, any study might have a small margin of error, but it will provide a good estimate of the final expense.

A widened 501 would not only continue to fail to handle the traffic load, it would be more dangerous as unrestricted access would flow into traffic from side roads and businesses. I-73 would have limited access, be safer for the hundreds of thousands who visit and be a much more efficient evacuation route. The permits for I-73 need to be approved.