Company to bring 200 jobs to Dillon, Marion, and Marlboro Co.

DILLON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A Dillon County Economic Development Director said it's just a matter of days before the company code-named "Project Tool Shed" is announced.

It's a project that has been in the works for several months and Dillon County Economic Development Director Tonny McNeil said an announcement is expected within a week or two.

"We're very excited about the project and we're looking to make an announcement within the next week or so," McNeil said.

The company will be located at the I-95 Gateway Industrial Park and will take up 102 acres. It's expected to bring 200 jobs to the tri-county area.

"Dillon has one of the highest unemployment rates in South Carolina, one of the top 10. So, it's going to lower our unemployment rate and it not only affects Dillon County but also Marion and Marlboro County as well," McNeil said.

Employees will earn a minimum of $11.79 per hour and the jobs range from distribution to warehousing to logistics.

"Folks are going to obviously have a new job, they're going to want a new car, possibly a new house- new place to stay. This is just really going to impact the economy, not only the local economy in Dillon County but Marion and Marlboro as well," McNeil said.

McNeil said from groundbreaking until the company is fully operational will take one to one and a half years.

AT Wednesday night's Dillon County Council meeting, McNeil along with council members went into executive session to discuss the final details of the project.

Council voted to table the third reading that would push the project forward, but McNeil expects that final reading to get approved very soon.

"We do have a few more agreements to execute as soon as those agreements are finalized, then we will be making an announcement," McNeil said.

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