Couples line up to get hitched on 12/12/12

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – There will be no other day like it until the next century, 12/12/12.  This is the last time for a long time that the day, month, and year will each share the same two digits in the same order.

David's Bridal estimates 7,500 brides are getting hitched on December 12th this year.

Natalie Sbraccia is one of those and she got married at the Wedding Chapel by the Beach."We had always imagined getting married some day and the date just seemed to be perfect and its very unique," Said Natalie.

Her new husband, Vincent, said the wet, cold, rainy December day was just perfect for his wedding. "If anybody forgets my marriage date shame on them. Because how could you forget 12-12-12?"

Corey Wilbanks and his fiancé wanted to get married at 12:12:12pm on 12-12-12.  Unfortunately, he said even when he booked his wedding months ago it was already taken. "We booked about three or four months ago so it was already taken so somebody thought about this a year ago to book it at this time," Wilbanks said.

The reverend at the chapel, Brother Terry Grainger, has performed about 15,000 weddings.  He said normally he would be lucky to do one wedding on a midweek day in December.

Grainger said he noticed a fascination with these wedding dates about five years ago in 2007. "It really started with 07-07-07 with 7 being the lucky perfect number. Then the 12-12- 12 is the last one this century that you'll have all the numbers lined up."

Jokingly, Grainger said he doubts he will be around to do this type of ceremony again."You don't get another one until the next century. I probably won't be around for that."

If you did not make it to a chapel this time around, you can still get married on a unique date next year in November.  Just book your chapel reservation soon before 11-12-13 rolls around, that is a Tuesday.

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