Study: Smartphones may help adults lose weight

(CNN) - Diets that use smartphone apps are more effective, according to a study.

The new study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that older adults who wanted to lose weight were most successful when their weight-loss plan involved simple digital tools like smart-phone apps.

"The app is important because it helps people regulate their behavior, which is really hard to do," said Bonnie Spring, lead investigator of the study and a professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

She added: "Most of us have no idea how many calories we consume and how much physical activity we get. The app gives you feedback on this and helps you make smart decisions in the moment."

In all, people who used their phones were almost four times as likely to lose weight and keep it off.

The study included 69 overweight and obese adults who were an average age of 58 and primarily men.

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