Surfside parking ordinance effective immediately


SURFSIDE, SC (WMBF) - Surfside Town Council member Randle Stevens said the final ordinance in favor of prohibiting parking in certain places of Surfside Beach has passed.

Effective immediately, people will no longer be able to park within 10 feet of any beach access, driveway or entrance and exit of any parking lot.

Stevens said there will also be a meeting on Friday, December 14 at 10 a.m., to vote on outsourcing parking meters in the town.

Last week, council held a special meeting to hear from Lanier Parking Solutions, who is currently in charge of the parking meters in Myrtle Beach, to discuss outsourcing parking meters in Surfside Beach.

After the meeting, council passed this discussion on to the parking committee.

On Friday, the committee will be recommending that the council votes in favor of outsourcing the parking meters to Lanier Parking Solutions.

Stevens said, in one month during the summer of 2011 the town made $7,264 in parking meter revenue. One year later during that same timeframe in 2012 the town made $8. The reason, because all the meters were broken and Stevens said this is why outsourcing the meters would be beneficial.

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