State House delegation responds to business concerns

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Business leaders in the Grand Strand had a chance to ask elected officials how they will protect their interests on the State House floor.

Danny Isaac founder of A&I Fire and Water Restoration said, "I'm very concerned about the Affordable Healthcare Act. We want to provide proper healthcare to our employees, but we don't want the government to overburden us with fees."

Elected officials at the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce's Legislation Luncheon addressed question about the act, stressing cooperation among elected officials, as well as warning that the bill could cause trouble for small businesses.

District 107 Representative Alan Clemmons said."You're going to see more businesses moving employees from full time to part time. That has a ripple effect across the entire economy."

The Affordable Healthcare Act, a major feather in the cap of President Barack Obama, has come under fire in several states, including South Carolina.

Many elected officials in the state ran on platforms including repeal of the act, which has garnered the nickname "Obamacare."

Many representatives even on the local level have expressed a desire to fight the legislation from the State House.

But Representative Clemmons says that kind of action will take more than just the desires of one person.

"Reality comes from vision," he said. "But vision in a vacuum will never become reality."

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