SC Works office handles larger holiday crowds

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The SC Works office has been trying to deal with large numbers of people over the past few weeks.

The Conway office usually gets busier during the holidays, but some representatives say they're seeing more activity this year.

Normally the most the office can handle in one day is about 500 people, but lately they've been seeing 800 coming through the doors.

"We have the crowds come in to the office," said Sheila Daniels, with the Horry County SC Works office. "But it's been more so this year I think because of the economy."

When the office gets busier, the wait times can get longer. On Friday and on Monday, there was a line of people waiting outside the unemployment office.

WMBF News counted the crowd, and Friday saw more than 100 people standing outside the doors waiting for the office to open. People waiting in line say they are trying to avoid facing the longer wait times later in the day, which can go up to several hours.

Andrew Hinson came to wait at 6 a.m., two and a half hours before the office opened. He says he'd rather wait outside in the cold if it means faster service, than to wait for hours inside.

"I just have a feeling I'll be sitting inside for two or three hours," said Hinson. "I'd rather just sit inside in the morning when nothing's going on anyway so when I get out, I can still have my day instead of interrupting my life to sit in line."

Daniels says the office has made some temporary changes to handle the need. "We've had people come in from other offices, and we've been staying open late too to be able to handle that. Because normally about 500 a day is what we've been able to handle."

Representatives with the SC Works office say the wait time depends on the hour of the day, and some times are better than others. They recommend that people file online or call in to the office if they need something done.

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