Local businesses surviving off-season

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In a tourist driven market, some places shut down for the winter months. But as the holidays approach, the Mom and Pop shops still opened here on the Grand Strand depend on your business.

The Market Common, for example, is filling up its store fronts, with many new businesses ready to help you start checking gifts off your shopping list.

"We've only been here since July, so we don't have a lot to gauge from, but it does seem very active compared to other places, based off the holiday season." Says Brandon Jung, owner of iScreen Fix in the Market Common.

Business owners in the Market Common credit their local customers for carrying them through the off-season.

"It hasn't been too long since we've been opened but we've got a pretty god customer base," says Matthew Reames, a sales associate with City Mac. He adds, "after Black Friday, we thought business would slow down, but it seems to be growing a little."

Business owners say during the summer, the area is a destination for tourists.

"That's another reason why the Market Common, because of the little economic bubble here," says Jung.

But during these months, it becomes a community.

"The whole small community is what brings people here. From restaurants to shops, and now an electronic store, it just brings the whole Market Common area together," says Reames.

Real Estate agents in the area agree, saying they are seeing an increase in tenants surrounding the commercial properties.

"Business has definitely fallen off about half, compared to the summer, but a lot of people do come here from out of town, it is a destination," says Jung.

Business owners admit this time of year is nowhere close to summer months, but are looking forward to it picking back up as the year continues.

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