Sidebar: Bill Norman

Dear listeners, friends, and advertisers,

You have likely noticed a change in WNMB.

The morning show is dark. Advertisers haven't seen a friendly face in weeks. The station parking lot is quiet. Passersby no longer catch a glimpse of a rusty old beach bike propped against the brick building, or perhaps a glimmer of a classic Mustang.

Yes, WNMB has suffered a huge loss in that of my father, Bill Norman. October was a dark month for AM Stereo 900. Like my father, I have never been good at sugarcoating things. There is nothing to sugarcoat here.

However, I have a message - and we, the WNMB family - have a plan.

Over the past few weeks, many friends and listeners have all said the same thing: Bill Norman didn't just own and operate WNMB. He WAS WNMB.

Well folks, he still is. Yes, there have been many changes to WNMB since he left us - but rest assured that we are working tirelessly to ensure that my father's legacy continues. You see, my father believed in the power of AM radio when many people did not. My father believed that if you poured enough heart, soul and sweat into an endeavor, you could accomplish anything. And he did just that - he created a local, community-oriented radio station that focused not on the fleeting tourist season but on the people who call North Myrtle Beach home. He cared about the people in his community, and it showed. It showed in his lively morning programming; it showed in the way he called on customers every day; and it showed throughout his involvement with the city of North Myrtle Beach.

People keep asking what they can do for us. And we have an answer: keep listening. Keep supporting the station my dad worked so hard to build. And we will keep working for you. Listeners, rest assured that we are working on a plan to bring back morning programming - no one can replace Bill Norman, but we will reinstate the morning programming with someone who cares just as much about you, your wants and the community's needs. Advertisers, my dad always valued your support and believed in supporting those who supported him. Over the coming weeks, we will be touching base to see what we can do for you.

You know, someone said they don't make 'em like my dad anymore. He was an old school radio guy - he didn't opt to sell out to a corporation or go with the latest trends. He played great music that he loved, and he supported the community close to his heart. We hope you will continue to support us as we work to ensure WNMB lives on.

Thank you,

Jenni Norman Shafer