Consider This: Fiscal Cliff Feedback

Consider This: Viewer Comments

The commentary this week on not raising taxes sparked a lot of feedback and here are some of your comments.

Stan wrote, "Consider This, you would make an excellent Fox commentator. Your views are mostly right wing and I don't agree with your Fiscal Cliff comments. There is a whole lot more wasted money on Corporate Welfare and tax breaks for the wealthy then money spent on us poor folks........ Give me a break."

And from Craig, "From major media outlets within the NBC brand I generally expect well-reasoned, balanced editorial comment. Your comment, however, was just another rant against taxes that quite frankly we have come to expect from a vocal minority of citizens and politicians on the right."

Thanks, Stan and Craig. Unlike most of the cable news networks, there's no agenda here. The Consider This commentary is meant to offer one perspective, with the hope that many of you will share your opinion, whether you agree or disagree. It's this varied opinion that makes for a better community… and a better country.

And one more comment from Tim, "You sir have proven again to be a typical conservative whose main job is to make things up. You got on TV tonight and lied through your teeth, again."

As I said earlier, this is a platform to voice your opinion. I hope you'll join the discussion at the Consider This section on