Growth in attendance in Horry County schools


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -  Horry County Schools are handling more students than expected district-wide this year.

The district's latest attendance numbers show enrollment was 197 students above what was projected. On the 45th day of enrollment compared to last year, there were 841 more students in classrooms than originally projected.

District officials say it's not just about space, but money too.

These numbers are also important because they determine just how much funding the district will get from the state.

Having a sharp increase in students can be costly.

The district spends on average about $7,000 a student each year.

A number like 841 extra students could cost the district more than $5 million.

The district always budgets for an increase in students, but Horry Co. Spokeswoman Teal Britton says this year's number is more than they bargained for.

"It's huge. It's important that we know what our actual numbers are what our growth trends happen to be, whether they are up or they are down so we can make adjustments."

Even with the increase, Britton says there isn't a need to hire more teachers.

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