Atlantic Beach works to revamp police force

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The residents of Atlantic Beach are without a police force as their last guardian was relieved from duty.

According to Mayor Elect Jake Evans, Police Chief Mike Bordner resigned from his position because the town wasn't able to pay him.

Chief Bordner was the only remaining officer that served the Town of Atlantic Beach.

However, Councilwoman Carolyn Cole says its not money issue. She claims the chief was laid off because the Atlantic Beach Police Force was not responding to any calls, and were afraid they weren't covered by the town's insurance policy.

"No one wants officers not coming to work because they don't have insurance or worker's comp," Cole said.

According to Cole, the town's manager's Calvin Blanton laid off the police force.

Cole adds that they are currently hiring off-duty county officers for patrols and working towards revamping the police force.

Those county officers, she believes, would respond to 911 calls from the Atlantic Beach area.

But other members of the town aren't convinced the off-duty officers will be enough to ensure the town's safety, and lack of a police force could attract the wrong crowd.

"You don't have protection, they're going to come in," said former town mayor Joe Montgomery. "It's a fact. It's not just this area, but anywhere."

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