Neighbors concerned over slow moving construction work

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Neighbors in several different Myrtle Beach communities said partially built homes are causing eyesores on the streets.

A home on the corner of 64th Avenue North and North Kings Highway has been under construction since January 2011, according to Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer Mark Kruea.

Some people who live near the home said the debris in the yard and the portable toilet add to the unattractiveness of the property.

The property owners have been slow moving, taking small steps in the so far nearly two year process of building a home.

Kruea said as long as some type of work is done, the initial six month construction permit can be extended for another six months, and so on.

"Some neighbors are more sensitive to it than others. They'll see a project in their neighborhood and feel it may be taking a long time for that project to come to completion. As long as they're making progress though during that 180 day window, they can request an extension," Kruea said.

One man who lives on 64th Avenue North said the slow moving construction work at the entrance of the neighborhood isn't helping him sell his home.

Pamela Joseph lives a few doors down from the house at the corner of 64th North and North Kings Highway. She said the construction work has shown improvement in recent weeks, but she would like to see it completed soon.

"It's been a slow move getting this house built and a lot of the neighbors did complain because it just took forever and it looked terrible forever and then they only build like once a week," Joseph said.

As for the portable toilets in the front yard, they must stay there until the property construction is complete.

"The portable restrooms are required on a construction site. It is something that we require to be there, so it has to stay," Kruea said.

Kruea said the city has also received complaints of slow moving construction work at several other properties. Some of those properties are a homes on 67th Avenue North, Pine Lakes Drive and Wildwood Dunes.

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