Signing up your child for Family Secure

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you signed up for the free credit monitoring service, Experian will be sending you emails to get your children signed up with Family Secure.

These notifications are being sent out in intervals, and you will be notified in the method that you signed up for ProtectMyID. So, if you registered by phone, you will be getting a letter. If you chose to sign up online, you will be receiving emails.

"Those who were enrolled in ProtectMyID through Nov. 18 should receive notification within the next two weeks.   Notifications will be sent to those who enroll in ProtectMyID after Nov. 18 on a staggered basis, including everyone who enrolls in ProtectMyID up to the January 31, 2013 deadline," explains Greg Young, Public Relations Director with Experian Consumer Services.

Experian says that just because you get this notice, doesn't necessarily mean your child's credit has been compromised.

"It is not confirmation that a minor's information was compromised. It is notification that if a dependent was listed on a tax return from 1998 to the present, and is still a minor, that dependent should be enrolled by a parent in Family Secure," Young says.

Family Secure is to monitor a minor's credit activity. Parental authorization is required, but that parent still needs their ProtectMyID account for their own credit monitoring.

"If you do not have minor children,  you do not need to enroll in Family Secure. The reason one parent needs to enroll in Family Secure is that parental authorization/authentication is required to enroll minors. That parent will still be enrolled in ProtectMyID," Young says.

The Better Business Bureau says this is something you need to take seriously.

"The opportunity to get credit is so great, because once again, it's no credit. So build it, abuse it, and then it falls back on the person. Your child could be 6 years old today and not know they've been compromised until the day they apply for college – if the parents aren't monitoring their credit" says Kathy Graham, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau in Myrtle Beach.

Experian says ProtectMyID is a free service, for one year, for anyone who has filed taxes in South Carolina since 1998. However, the Department of Revenue told WMBF news that they've determined who has had their information compromised. The DOR says only those people will receive the free year of credit monitoring.

The DOR says they are sending letters to the people who have been affected soon.

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