Florence store sells $1M lottery ticket, waits on winner

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - One lucky patron of a Cruizers service station is in possession of a lottery ticket worth a million dollars, but they haven't stepped forward to claim it yet.

"I said this store was going to have a big winner," said store manager Brenda Shuler. "Everybody started buying more."

Shuler says the store sold about 3,000 Powerball tickets before the big drawing Wednesday. But the store's owner, TK Patel, wasn't even aware they'd sold a winning ticket until he received a call from WMBF News.

"I received a call from your station," Patel said. "They said 'Yep, you have a million dollar ticket winner in your store, and someone's coming over to cover it now.' I just dropped everything at that point and said 'Wow.'"

The winning ticket is good news for Patel's shop, which will receive a $10,000 commission from the South Carolina Education Lottery for selling the winner. But this Cruizers location has sold several winning lottery tickets since he took ownership of this store at the beginning of the year.

Shuler says she isn't sure why they've sold a higher number of winning tickets than other stores, but says it's good for business.

"The lottery says it is not common, but there are some stores that just seem to be luckier than others."

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