Done with overtime: Rock Hill man collects lottery win

ROCK HILL, SC (WMBF) - Someone who just won a million dollars might consider taking some time off work, or maybe even throwing in the towel, but that's not the case for Jerry Hucks of Rock Hill.

When Jerry clocked out Thursday morning, he was warming up the cab of his truck when he remembered the sticky note bearing the previous night's winning Powerball® numbers.

He reached down into the side compartment of his truck to find his Powerball ticket to see the first five numbers on the sticky note aligned perfectly with the last set of numbers printed on his ticket.

Hucks is a truck builder for Diamler Trucks in Cleveland, NC. He tells SC Lottery officials that he went back inside the plant and a coworker looked the Powerball ticket over just to be sure he really did just win a $1 million.

"I didn't even have the truck door locked, and I had a $1 million ticket out there," he told lottery officials when he arrived today to collect his winnings. "Then I can't believe I let three or four guys at work hold my ticket and Google the numbers screaming, 'It's a $1 million.'"

His parting words to them: "I'm not quitting, but I'm not working anymore overtime."

Hucks then called his girlfriend to tell her the news before heading home. She was worried it was taking him so long, but at one point he had to pull over to throw up, overcome he beat the 1 in 5,153,633 odds to be a millionaire.

He's paying off his house and will be back at work on Friday.

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