Consider This: Turn on your car lights

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - This time of year, and in early spring, the temperature swings create a perfect environment for lots of thick morning fog.

Unfortunately, many people don't understand that in those conditions you can't see their vehicle if they don't have their lights on.

Consider This: Every foggy morning I see people driving without their lights on as if it is a clear, sunny day. A deadly 100 car pileup last week that happened during foggy weather is proof plenty that this limited visibility is dangerous and deadly.

It's also the law to turn on your lights in foggy and rainy conditions. Use your low beams and fog lights if you have them; don't use your high beams. If you follow these basic guidelines the roads will be safer for you and all of us who expect you to use common sense when you're behind the wheel.

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