Agencies compete for extra tax dollars

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Four hundred thousand dollars. That's how much money is on the line when the Horry County Accommodations Tax Committee meets Wednesday.

This money is available through accommodations tax, meaning those added taxes on hotel and motel stays which is then given back into the community. It's meant to be spent in some way back into our local tourism.

This one time additional money has more than 10 organizations looking to grab it up to go towards new and existing projects in the works.

Some of the biggest heavy hitters requesting the most work with infrastructure and safety.

At the new boat ramp $300,000 is being requested for new bathrooms.

Horry County Fire Rescue is asking for additional firefighters and paramedics at the tune of $275,000. Beach Patrol is requesting a little more than $100,000 for equipment.

Beach and street clean up is going to be asking for $200,000 for additional equipment.

WMBF News asked people of Horry County who they wanted to see get the money.

Beach patrol supporter Larry Sprinkle said, "I think the Horry County Police and Beach Patrol deserve the money. They do such a good job and they need more resources to continue to do it."

Anthony Robinette is also in support of public services. He said, "As a retired fire man I would like to see the Horry County Fire Rescue get a better part of it. The resources they have and extra funding, and the mandates they don't always get the funding for."

Once the committee reviews the proposals it then goes to the administration committee for recommendations and then goes to county council for a vote.

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