Consider This: Working Together

WMBF Consider This: Working Together

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Gridlock is the word we often use to describe the lack of cooperation between our elected officials. However, this week we saw just the opposite when Grand Strand leaders met to discuss how they could work together to improve our area.

Consider This: It's a basic, common sense idea; when you work together you accomplish more. However, in the past area leaders spent more energy arguing and backstabbing each other. Unfortunately, we are the ones who pay for their childishness.

Having a consistent, shared vision for any region means that area will ultimately benefit more than an area where there is division and self serving leadership. Myrtle Beach City Councilman Phil Render deserves credit for launching this idea in 2010 in an effort to break down the walls of division that had been in place so long across the Grand Strand.

Although we can't expect different groups to agree on everything, it's nice to see our local leadership working together on the major issues affecting our community. There is strength in numbers and the people of the Grand Strand are better off when there is cohesion among our leadership rather than conflict.

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