Consider This: Do Not Mail List

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - My recycling bin is getting a workout with all of the direct mail, phone books, newspaper circulars and other junk that floods my mailbox.

Consider This: We have a very effective Do Not Call system, so let's replicate that plan and launch a Do Not Mail system. I don't want to receive another offer for a credit card, I don't need this pink plastic wrapper full of sale papers and I certainly don't need 10 phone books. When I receive that junk it goes straight into my recycling bin. What a waste of paper and resources.

Now that we have some fresh representation in Columbia and Washington, perhaps they can push a Do Not Mail system that works like the Do Not Call program. I know it doesn't rise to the level of importance of balancing the deficit, but it sure is annoying. And besides… it would reduce the clutter in my house, reduce the number of trips I make the recycling center and ultimately help the environment. It's a Do Not Mail trifecta… Win, Win, Win.

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