DHEC visits sushi spot twice in one week

Restaurant scorecard Soho & Old Vienna Cafe

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Soho on Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach had two visits from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) this week. The sushi and steakhouse scored a 78, a 'B' rating on DHEC's scale.

"It went well as far as cleanliness and thing of that nature," said Soho manager Phyllis Kinder.

According to the report, the inspector found two critical violations. The inspector reportedly observed an employee eating while prepping food, employees who washed their hands using the improper method, and observed an employee who was rinsing his/her face at one of the kitchen sinks. Those are all things DHEC says have the potential to contaminate food.

[View the full DHEC inspection report for Soho PDF.doc]

Kinder talked to her employees about the problems.

"These are very important. And you cannot do certain things. And other things you need to be very much aware of doing," the manager says.

Soho was cited with another critical violation for dumping mop water into a storm drain.

The report goes on to show there were nine other violations. Two of them were sanitary issues and another was for improperly thawing food. The bulk of the violations were maintenance related. The inspector left behind a list of repairs like fixing the tile floor as well as parts of the walls and ceiling.

Kinder says that was all taken care of this week and Soho was ready for DHEC to return for a follow up inspection.

"We have an 'A' back on our door like we've always had," states Soho's manager.

Old Vienna Cafe on Kings Highway also had a routine inspection and scored a 97, an 'A' rating. The report shows there were two violations at the Austrian restaurant that called for repair work.

"Paint over the wall and one tile was loose," said owner Martina Horvath.

The third violation was for having too much carbon on the stove stop. Horvath says it's all been taken care of.

"We make sure we only serve on our plates only what we would eat," Horvath says.

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