Rice looks to resign from council chairman seat

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It's been one day since Tom Rice won the coveted spot for the seventh congressional district and now many are wondering what will happen to his chairman seat for Horry County.

The race for the seventh congressional district is in the books and Tuesday night history was made as Republican Tom Rice clutched the congressman title.

Rice will be moving on to Washington on Monday, but he's leaving behind a Chairman seat at the Horry County Council.

Rice first has to formally resign from the chairman position. "I need to talk with the county attorney and staff and see what they think would be the easiest for the county," states Rice.

Once Rice resigns the primary election will be held on the 11th Tuesday from that day. The general election would be the 18th Tuesday from his resignation date.

During this process the Vice Chairman, which is now currently Al Allen, will serve according to the Horry County South Carolina Code of Ordinances.

Allen said he believes voter fatigue won't be a problem in the coming months for the election and even believes a core group of voters will turn out.

"It will probably be in a three month time period which will give them a little bit of time to rest, relax, and reflect and also decide who will lead their Horry County Council here," Allen predicts.

Allen admits he's recently thought about taking over the job of chairman for the council. "I'm currently pondering that very strongly and I'm praying hard over it because I think it's a very serious responsibility and I think its a position where the person needs to represent the people of Horry County well."

Rice said whoever takes over in his former role as chairman will be in good company because he said they already have a wonderful staff on council.

Former Chairman of the Horry County Council, Liz Gilland, has stated she will be running for Chairman again.

Gilland said she wants to come back and make a difference. Gilland was the Chairman of the council back in 2008.

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