SC 1 of 2 states with Election Day liquor ban

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – If you wanted to have an Election Night cocktail to celebrate your favorite candidate's victory, you better have bought your liquor before Election Day.  If you did not, you probably had a dry night.

South Carolina is one of only two states that ban the sale of liquor on Election Day.  The other state is Kentucky.

Some people trace the law's origin back to many years ago, when alcohol was served at polling stations in exchange for votes.

On this election day, every liquor store on the Grand Strand is empty and the doors are locked.  There are some beverage stores that sale beer along with liquor, those are only half open.

Some people think the law is outdated and should catch up to the times.

"It surprises me in the fact that they would figure something like that impacts the way people would vote," Said Dan Gretchell.  "I think it's probably a holdover from something that used to happen a long time ago. I think it's definitely out of touch with how things are now a days."

The law only applies to retail liquor stores, so if you needed that election day drink, you could head to a restaurant or bar.

Tom Kirkland cast his vote earlier in the morning and went out to a bar for lunch.

"To me the law is ridiculous; I'm not sure what the theory behind it is at all," Said Kirkland as he enjoyed martinis with his friends.  "We did have martinis because we were celebrating the end of election season."

One liquor store manager in the Grand Strand said of course the law is affecting the bottom line of his business, but he thinks the law is a good thing and hopes people are not drinking and voting.

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