Consider This: Early Voting

WMBF Consider This: Early Voting in SC

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Thirty-two states offer early voting. North Carolina is included in that list… South Carolina? Not yet.

Consider This: There is much debate for and against early voting. People in favor of early voting say it makes it more convenient for more people to participate. People against the process say it costs more and doesn't increase the voter turnout. They also argue that Election Day is special and early voting takes away from the camaraderie and excitement when people vote early and alone. Supporters counter that providing additional access to voters outweighs the costs.

Like it or not, South Carolina's absentee voting option is most likely being used as an early voting method by many people across our state. Rather than fight the trend and have people who want to vote early to circumvent the system, South Carolina leaders should create an early voting option that takes effect with the 2014 elections.

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