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7th congressional district connate Tom Rice part one

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF)-  When voters hit the polls on Tuesday November 6th, Republican Tom Rice and Democrat Gloria Tinubu will be hoping their name matches your goals for the newly drawn 8 county district, which includes parts of the Grand Strand and Pee Dee.

And as WMBF News Anchor Michael Maely learned on WMBF News This Week the past 2 Fridays, there are differences and some similarities between the 2 candidates.

"My support for unions stems from the fact that we need skilled workers and better paying jobs," Gloria Tinubu told Michael during the 30 minute broadcast.

"What would you say to voters who may like you, but have concerns that a portion of your campaign donations are coming from unions located outside of this district," asked Maely.

"I would tell them that a majority of my campaign money, roughly 300-thousand dollars I loaned myself, and even though my family and I grew up here, I earned a lot of respect from that area, and have a great deal of support from here," said Tinubu.

The Democratic candidate also said she doesn't feel her seat will be wrongly influenced by unions.

Tom Rice told Maely he disagrees with the role of unions, while on WMBF News This Week last week Friday.

"Look at Boeing, BMW and any number of companies that came to South Carolina because this is a right to work state, that's why they came here," Rice said.  "We need better paying jobs, but not at the expense of companies who seek South Carolina out because we are a right to work state."

As for jobs, both candidates agree that we need more of them, but have different perspectives on how to do it. Rice said he'd like to hire an economic advisor, Tinubu said she is one.

Regarding I-73, Tinubu said she understands the importance of the highway completion, but would want to consider more public transportation options as a way to encourage growth and development. Rice feels I-73 is paramount.

The candidates also talked with Maely about the Obama Healthcare plan, Medicare and other issues that affect the region and the country.

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