School nurses get ready for flu season

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Flu season is always a big concern for schools. Now that it's colder out, school nurses are making sure they're prepared to help students.

Four cases have already been confirmed in South Carolina, and schools say they have to be more careful this year when it comes to keeping the virus contained.

Now that the fall sicknesses have tapered off, school nurses are getting ready for the flu season. The Horry County Schools Health Services Director Tammy Trulove says nurses are making sure kids are prepared right now, by putting up this year's posters in the hallways to remind students to wash their hands.

Now that nurses have more information on this year's expected strain of the flu, they are making sure to be extra careful. Especially since this strain will be able to develop quickly.

"It's gonna be a sudden onset. You can have a dry cough, a lot of fatigue, muscle aches and pains," said Lucy Oates, the school nurse at Myrtle Beach Middle School. "But you can be well one minute, and with this particular flu, ill the next."

Parents need to be careful too, nurses say you should look out for the dry cough because that will be the first sign. They also say even though we are in the weird part of the year where it is cold in the mornings, and warm later in the day, it's not an excuse for kids to skip out on a jacket when they're on their way to school.

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