Consider This: Joint Ticket Amendment

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With the controversy around candidate qualifying, a tight presidential race and other factors, this election is very important and very unique.

One thing that makes it unique is a proposed ballot amendment. Your vote will help determine whether South Carolina continues to elect its governor and lieutenant governor separately, or whether gubernatorial nominees will pick their running mates starting in 2018.

Consider This: Not only does the referendum impact the top two political seats, it also determines who presides over the Senate. That position is now filled by the Lieutenant Governor, and is largely considered ceremonial.

Voters who choose "yes" are saying they want the state's governor and lieutenant governor running on the same ticket. The state Senate would elect its own presiding officer, meaning the lieutenant governor would no longer preside over the chamber.

This plan works at the national level and it seems it would create a more efficient, more effective structure for South Carolina.

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