Holiday airfares rise daily, travel experts say buy now

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you have been sitting around scanning travel websites as you try and find the perfect price on a plane ticket to see your family for the holidays, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

The average plane ticket for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is $386, according to a report by Travelocity. The price is about 9% higher compared to last year.

Travel experts said it's a simple case of supply and demand.

"There are less seats available and that's a big thing that we're seeing," said Tracie Lawrence with AAA in Myrtle Beach. "For the preferred flights there is less availability and that in itself is pushing prices up."

In a new report, representatives at said you should add $3 to your total on your holiday airfare for each day you wait to purchase your ticket, possibly even more heading into Thanksgiving.

Lauren Jijina is going to Colorado for Thanksgiving. She planned for the holiday travel season months in advance and offered some advice to those still waiting to buy a ticket.

"Find a friend who has miles and use those, because you're not going to get a good deal right now."

Bob Cody isn't flying this Thanksgiving, instead he is flying during the holidays around Christmas and New Years. He said if you have not bought a ticket to fly this year, it's too late.

"Too late, they should've bought them already," said Cody. "I don't blame the airlines for the high prices because they need people and they've got open seats and people need to fill them so you're going to have to pay for it."

There will be a slight window of opportunity after Thanksgiving to find a cheap flight before the end of the year.

Lawrence called it the "Shoulder Season" for the airline industry.

"It is usually the week after Thanksgiving through the first week of December," said Lawrence.  "That's a little bit of a quiet time in the travel industry, so sometimes there are bargains to be had then if you can adjust your dates a little bit."

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