Consider This: Swimming Sports Tourism

WMBF Consider This: Swimming Sports Tourism

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach is having a lot of success growing sports tourism. The city is making a significant investment in facilities at Grand Park and that investment is paying off.

Consider This: With the success of outdoor sports competition, like baseball and softball tournaments, the city is now considering expanding the sports tourism effort by adding a significant indoor sports facility. (quote by John Rhodes in Alex's package from 10/12) "You have another venue…  it's a proven fact."

If Myrtle Beach moves forward with the indoor facility we'll have the finest facilities available for most indoor and outdoor events on the East Coast, with the exception of one sport… swimming.

This past weekend hundreds of kids and their families were in town for the Coastal Classic swim meet generating major economic benefits just like the other sports. But Pepper Geddings, CCU and other swim facilities cannot accommodate the bigger events that provide a bigger financial boost.

Imagine hosting collegiate championships, Olympic trials and other major swimming competitions; and what better place to host a swimming competition than a beach community.

Myrtle Beach is doing a great job growing sports tourism. The city should move forward with the indoor sports arena and put a swim facility as the next priority on the list.

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