Candidates reach out to apathetic voters

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – As the 7th Congressional District Candidates enter the final stretch of their campaigns, they're fighting for every vote in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, yet some voters aren't getting the message.

"We're making a lot of phone calls," said Republican Candidate Tom Rice. "We're going door to door. I've made a lot of public appearances."

Both Rice and Tinubu say they're well-received by potential voters in the district. However, several potential voters either didn't know who is actually running in the race, or were not voting in the election.

"The 7th is a new district," said Democratic candidate Gloria Bromell Tinubu. "We're doing education for voters as to what this district looks like."

Both Rice and Tinubu say they haven't encountered much apathy among voters, but instead see lots of concern and disillusion, stemming from distrust of the system.

"People across this district are really scared at the direction this country's heading," Rice said.

Both Rice and Tinubu are trying to reach out to some of these concerned voters, and are implementing TV ads and other campaign strategies to connect to them.

"We're appealing to our base," Tinubu said. "We're appealing to undecideds in the middle."

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