DHEC drops in top breakfast spot and burger joint

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A bustling breakfast spot in Socastee and a burger joint in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach both had a visit from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) this week.

Robert and Darlene Timmer say Breakfast House is their go to spot for the first meal of their day.

"It's always good food and always good service," said Mrs. Timmer.

The restaurant in Socastee off of Dick Pond Road recently had a visit from DHEC. John Langley is the restaurant's head cook and was there during the recent routine inspection.

"It went fine to me. Everything went great," said Langley. The DHEC report shows the inspector found five violations; one of them was a critical violation. The inspector reportedly observed employees who did not wash their hands properly.

Mrs. Timmer says she hopes the entire staff takes this violation seriously. "They need to get on the ball and take care of it."

Breakfast House was also cited for having dirty items in the kitchen like dirty ice bins, toaster, waffle iron, and tea maker. The inspector handed down two more violations for improperly storing raw food items and cleaning cloths. Langley says they've taken care of the issues and says Breakfast House maintains a clean kitchen.

"You see it's an open place and everyone can see everything that you do," explained Langley.

The inspector will return next week for a follow up inspection.

"Yea [we're] ready. We ready right now," said Langley.

Breakfast House scored an 88, the lowest 'A' rating on DHEC's scale. The Timmers say Breakfast House passes their inspection time and time again.

"Overall, yea, keep up the good work. We'll definitely keep coming back, until something changes our mind," voices Mr. Timmer.

DHEC also stopped by a burger joint on the boulevard. Burger Paradise in downtown Myrtle Beach scored a 96, an 'A' rating during a recent routine inspection. According to the report the inspector found four violations.

Two of the violations were cited for having a dirty ventilator hood and equipment shelf. Burger paradise was also cited for not having the fly fans turned on, and for storing items too close to the ground.

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