NMB spends $615,000 to beautify beach access points

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Construction on a project to beautify North Myrtle Beach started Thursday.

Two beach access points, one at 39th Avenue South and one at 46th Avenue South closed down to the public Thursday. It's expected they will reopen mid-February.

Brand new bathrooms, showers and parking spaces will be added to the access points. The 46th Ave. access point will also receive a new dune walkover.

North Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer Patrick Dowling said, "The beach is our bread and butter, and providing safe, quality access to it is important. The restrooms are a very welcome amenity for residents and visitors. The dune walkovers protect the dunes, which in turn help to prevent erosion along the beach."

The total cost of both projects is $615,000.00.

"The only criticism that I've heard at all is that it's expensive but if you put a new bathroom in your home, you know how expensive it is, so it hasn't really bothered me," North Myrtle Beach Homeowner Sheri Jeffress said.

Dowling said the two particular access points were chosen because they were the two most in need.

"Each year we evaluate oceanfront street ends on a regular basis for maintenance and for potential upgrades, and these two were at the top of the list for improvement," Dowling said.

Dowling said these two renovations are the only two that will occur during this off-season, but more should be expected next year.

"The city chose a very good time to do it because the summer rental season- which is when you have most of the people here- is over, and I'm sure they'll be through before the spring season starts when people start coming back so as far as impacting rentals it's not going to impact rentals I don't think at all," Jeffress said.

Dowling said the city is making these improvements in an effort to keep people wanting to live and visit North Myrtle Beach."If we're going to provide these amenities, we want them to be aesthetically pleasing. A good looking community encourages people to settle here and to visit here," Dowling said.

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