Fast food wars: Speed, drive-thru accuracy put to the test

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to fast food. While "who's tastes the best?" is subjective, a new report from QSR Magazine has objective answers when it comes to "who's the fastest?" and "who gets my order right?"

The industry magazine conducted a two month long study in 41 states this year, testing six top franchises to see who served orders the quickest, and who got those orders correct.

When it came to time, no one beat Wendy's. They averaged drive-thru orders in about 130 seconds. Taco Bell was the runner up, about 20 seconds behind Wendy's.

But, fast doesn't always mean accurate. Chick-fil-A dominated that segment of the test, getting 92% of the orders correct. It was also tops in cleanliness and customer service.

McDonald and Krystal's came in the middle of the group for most categories.

Burger King finished last for both speed and accuracy.

Researchers made more than 2,000 trips to the chains during lunch and dinner rush times.

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