Dash of Flash: Johnsonville runs to unbeaten record

Shown through seven weeks this high school football season, it's tough to get a handle on Johnsonville's offensive attack.

"They've worked hard, and they continue to improve each week, and I think that's a good sign. I think that senior leadership has really paid off," said Flashes head coach Lewis Lineberger.

But it's not even something his players pick up on that quickly.

"It really helps a great deal to have that experience," he continued. "They've been running it three or four years. I think that really says something about the offensive line. They've been able to open up some holes."

Aided by 21 seniors, the Flashes are off to a 7-0 record so far and don't want to stop.

"When you have a good line like we got, and the backs coming out of the backfield like we have, it's a good feeling," said running back Dontrey McFadden. "Being 7-0, it's just not an opportunity everyone gets."

"Sometimes we start off slow, but we end up pulling it together," explained running back Tushai Edwards. "Coming together as a team, we have a chemistry and it feels great."

While the Flashes are seeing great success for any high school football team at this stage, there are some perks, which is enough motivation to keep the intensity going every Friday night.

"People come out just to watch you, but you know you can't let it get to you," Edwards said. "You have to go out there and play your game like you've always played before that."

"I'm very proud of these players and the ballhandlers," Lineberger went on. "That just takes a lot of work and timing, and practicing, and getting our blocking schemes together."

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