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Local man is winning his fight over obesity

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Chris Wooley has lost 220 pounds since he first walked into the gym on January 14th.

"It was really intimidating, you know, because you're going into a place with nothing but physically fit people, wanting to talk about your problems," says Chris Wooley.

He weighed almost 470 pounds, but is now only 35 pounds away from his goal weight.

"You feel like you've literally dug yourself into a hole that no one has a ladder long enough to get ya," he says.

Wooley goes to the gym 6 days a week, twice a day for two hours. But he says it is setting small goals that made him successful.

"When I first started Adam said 5 pounds a week and then when I began to plateau it changed to 3 pounds a week. Setting little goals like that helped. I didn't see it as an overall 250 pounds. I saw it as ok this week I'm going to try to lose 5," Wooley explains.

Wooley decided to reach his weight loss goal in a completely natural way.

"I know people who have had gastric bypass surgery. But they don't have the self control and ended up putting all the weight back on. I knew if I did it this way, but the end I would have that self control to keep it off," says Wooley

Now 225 pounds, he says he no longer suffers from sleep apnea or back pains. His wife sees the difference in him, too.

"He's much more energetic, he stays awake throughout the day time, he's sleeping better at night," says Savannah Wooley, Chris's wife of two years.

"A lot of good things has come from it," she says.

The biggest miracle for the family is Savannah is now pregnant.

"When we got married we didn't do anything to stop it. Figured when it was supposed to happen it would. But it'd been about a year and a half and wasn't until he started this diet and exercise," explains Mrs. Wooley.

"It's going to be awesome that my daughter will never know a day of her life of her daddy being fat," says Chris Wooley.

Mrs. Wooley says the biggest change in her husband, is his happiness.

"Your body is going to burn calories. Even when it's smiling," he says.

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