Consider This: Banning soft drinks

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - New York City has banned larger sized soft drinks and other sugary beverages because of the rising obesity rate. But do we really need someone making the decision about the amount of soda we can drink?

Consider This: When you regularly drink a 50 gallon sized soft drink you're probably going to gain a few pounds, and that will most likely lead to health issues.

However, unlike smoking, when you are downing that mega soda it doesn't impact my health or the air that I breathe. But proponents of the ban say that some in our population are more vulnerable to the marketing and advertising, particularly the poor and the poorly educated.

That might be true, but work with those groups directly to educate them on the issues rather than creating a ban for the people who do not fall into that category.

And what happened to personal responsibility? I don't need government telling me that I need to lay off the fries or skip that extra slice of pizza. If the belt is getting a little snug then two things need to happen; I need to eat less and exercise more.

Thankfully I don't see South Carolina or North Carolina moving towards a nanny state anytime soon. But, I do see a lot of overweight people in the Carolinas. So take a look in the mirror – or at the scale – and accept that it is your responsibility to control your weight.

If you don't then government will think they need to come in and help. And the last thing we need is more help from the government.

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